Technical Committee on Noise

Technical Committee on Noise

Noise (NS) To increase and diffuse knowledge of noise generation and propagation, passive and active noise control, perception and the effects of noise, and the management of exposure to noise. Activities of the Committee embrace the practical and theoretical aspects of noise in all areas of acoustics.

Specific topics of interest include:

Measurement, prediction, and modeling of noise and vibration

  • Soundscapes, urban and natural
  • Product sound quality
  • Classroom acoustics
  • Quiet system design
  • Occupational and recreational exposure to noise
  • Speech privacy
  • Legal aspects of noise
  • Codes and standards.

William J. Murphy, Chair to 2018

Term to 2018

Jay M. Bliefnick

Robert M. Brenneman

Bennett M. Brooks

Angelo J. Campanella

William J. Cavanaugh

Ben S. Cazzolato

Jessica S. Clements

Benjamin Copenhaver

Brandon Cudequest

Gilles A. Daigle

Patricia Davies

Alana G. DeLoach

Greg Enenstein

John Erdreich

Sanford Fidell

Carl R. Hart

Robert D. Hellweg

John Herder

Lixi Huang

Jeffrey B. Hunt

Kenneth H. Kaliski

Raymond Kirby

Hannah D. Knorr

Joonhee Lee

Yi Liu

Alexandra Loubeau

David J. Manley

Andrew Marshall

Julian G. Milone

Richard J. Peppin

Rachel A. Romond

Kenneth P. Roy

Erica E. Ryherd

Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp

Bonnie Schnitta

Valerie Smith

Scott Sommerfeldt

Victor W. Sparrow

Kerrie G. Standlee

Michael R. Stinson

Nancy S. Timmerman

Bao Tong

Zachary Weiss

Term to 2017

Pegah Aslani

Ann E. Bowles

Yin Cao

Paul R. Donavan

Cameron Fackler

Lawrence S. Finegold

Hilary L. Gallagher

Samir N. Y. Gerges

Noel W. Hart

Kirill V. Horoshenkov

Jerry G. Lilly

Stephen J. Lind

David Lubman

George A. Luz

Luigi Maffei

Tracianne B. Neilsen

Matthew L. Nickerson

Norman H. Philipp

Robert A. Putnam

Stephen I. Roth

Paul D. Schomer

Noral D. Stewart

Gregory C. Tocci

Alan T. Wall

Lily M. Wang

Term to 2016

Keith Attenborough

Dick B. Botteldooren

Giovanni Brambilla

Alexander U. Case

Kenneth A. Cunefare

Cole Duke

Fernando J. Elizondo

Andre Fiebig

Ronald R. Freiheit

Kent L. Gee

Klaus Genuit

Kenneth W. Good

James S. Holtrop

K. Anthony Hoover

Siu-Kit Lau

George C. Maling

Ashley Masoner

Richard L. McKinley

Esa P. Nousiainen

Stephen D. Pettyjohn

James E. Phillips

Eric L. Reuter

Louis C. Sutherland

Jiri Tichy

Michelle C. Vigeant

D. Keith Wilson

Douglas F. Winker

David S. Woolworth

Ning Xiang

Buye Xu

Ex officio:
Kenneth A. Cunefare, member of Medals and Awards Committee
Alexander U. Case, member of Membership Committee
Richard J. Peppin, member of ASACOS
Matthew Blevins, member of Student Council